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Pro-Pharm One - Retail Pharmacy Software

Pro-Pharm One™ - Features

Features Include:

  • Popup windows for instant information.
  • Uses Medispan DUR™ databases.
  • Multi User and Multi Site capability.
  • Customizes to any environment.
  • Remote operator function.

Inventory Features Include:

  • Acquisition cost plus "floating" AWP.
  • History of usage for dynamic reorder recommendations.
  • Multi User and Multi Site capability.
  • Six cost bases are available for prescription pricing.
  • Selected display of therapeutically equivalent drugs.
  • Option to store three standard Sigs per drug.
  • Tracks specific drug prescriptions and lot numbers.
  • Special billing for non prescription items
  • EDI purchase order processing
  • Auto generate purchase orders
  • Purchases can be input manually or by reading a bar code
  • Track usage by item.

Managment Features Include:

  • Screens Patient eligibility.
  • Works with University Fee Medication benefit programs.
  • Patient Count Report by patient, by prescription.
  • Prescriptions Record Report for acquisition cost, AWP, and third party profit analysis.
  • Third party reconciliation report prints status and claim information.
  • Top Meds report to analyze what was dispensed by dollar or quantity.
  • Drug Inventory Report prints an inventory of what should be on hand.

Medispan Features Include:

  • Drug to Allergy reactions
  • Drug to Drug interactions
  • Drug to Food warnings
  • Drug to Disease contraindications
  • Dosage Variance
  • Dosage Duration screening
  • Order Duplication
  • Therapeutic Class Duplication
  • Order/refill Eligibility
  • Medical Conditions database for checking appropriateness of therapy
  • Patient Drug Education Report - This report can be printed for the patient.

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